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I am focused on PHP developing, starting back in 2002 with simple HTML/CSS websites. Year later already developing for different IT/Gaming communities. First release for game called Mu Online back at 2004. After that continue to develop my skills on different languages C/C++, Python, JQuery and etc. Recently I have been developing new OOP web applications, recently founded 4Web-Dev.

Latest Projects

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AIWeb Library

PHP library file that includes everything that you need for creating your own Mu Online website, it contains everything from A to Z (warp,reset,register and etc), that's only Public release, that means does not have everything on 100%. Original file size is 5624 rows in public there's only 1704 but it's enought to have normally working website.

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MuWeb 0.8

This is complete web system for the game called MuOnline, it was very popular from 2004 til 2012. In this system you have everything needed to run nice website with registration and other modules that will help you make your own server popular.

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World Of Ancients

Web browser MMORPG game still under development from 2015. Very different characters, battle system, inventory system, map generator, dungeon generator and much more. This is spare time project and me and my friend working when we can.

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This project was build for organization called "It's ok to fail" that was startup in the end of 2016 and nowadays they already registered as organization with CVR and already host events connected with how to learn from failure.

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Work Experience

Web Developer - Tomware (Present)

Building web applications front-end and back-end for our customers.

Web Developer & Head of IT - WeLoveStartups (Jan - Jun 2017)

Building web applications and taking care of everything connecting with IT.

Back-end Developer & IT Manager - Systime A/S (2012 - 2013)

Building web applications and taking care of web security. Working mainly with Typo3 and custom framework.

Founder & Senior PHP Developer - 4Web-Dev (2014 - Present)

Working on web applications mostly using PHP and JQuery.

E.T.T - Danske Supermarket (2014 - Present)

Realtime problem solutions for the machines who are based on Java.

Web Developer(Freelance) - DarksTeam (2009 - Present)

On my spare time working as freelancer and doing projects for the community.